No More Ply Mega Strength Adhesive

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  • Mega Strength Adhesive is a polyurethane high strength adhesive used for the fixing of No More Ply boards to various substrates.
  • This high strength adhesive is fast setting, waterproof and provides a very strong, high performing bond.
  • It can be used as both a filling agent and as a sealer between boards for both 6mm floor overlays and 12mm wallboards, eliminating the need to use joining tapes.
  • Mega Strength expands as it is applied so must be used in conjunction with screws when installing 6mm No More Ply as an overlay to an existing floor substrate.
  • Average Consumption: 6mm No More Ply Boards (between 5 - 7 boards), 12mm No More Ply Boards (between 3 - 5 boards)
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