LTP Grimex Heavy Duty Tile Cleaner

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  • Intensive cleaner, effective for removing stains such as oil, grease, ingrained dirt, grime, old wax layers and transit protection wax from all artificial and natural stone and tiles.
  • Ideal for the restoration of artificial and natural tiles and floors, it is especially effective on stone, travertine, slate, terracotta, porcelain and quarry tiles.
  • LTP Grimex helps remove stubborn stains and existing layers of sealant from floors and tiles, it is also suitable for the general maintenance cleaning of external driveways, patios and paths.
  • To remove cement and grout stains you may find LTP Grout Stain Remover is a more effective alternative.
  • Important: Test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application. Any alkalinity remaining on surfaces treated with this product should be completely neutralised. This may be done with a little clean water applied by sponge.
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  • Colour Silver Grey