4 Into 1 Wall & Floor Tile Grout - Midnight Coal - 5Kg

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  • Norcros 4 into 1 Wall & Floor Tile Grout is a fine textured polymer modified anti-bacterial rapid setting wall & floor tile grout for use in joints from 1 to 12mm.
  • It is designed for use with all types of wall and floor tiles including natural stone particularly where a narrow fine textured joint is required.
  • The product contains unique Rock-TiteTM polymeric binders giving it enhanced flexural strength and making it suitable to cope with areas where limited movement and vibration may be encountered such as heated floors and plywood overlaid timber floors.
  • When fixing onto single layers of timber Norcros Adi Flex Grout Additive should be incorporated into the mix at a 1:1 dilution with water.
  • The product contains Norcros Stop Mould Anti Bacterial Fortification to protect against the build up of mould and the discolouration of grouting typically found in areas where frequent wetting high humidity and condensation may prevail.
  • Norcros 4 into 1 Wall & Floor Tile Grout can be used in both internal and external conditions and in fully immersed situations such as pools. It is water resistant but not impervious to the passage of water, in situations where the background needs to be protected against water ingress the use of Norcros Wet Seal Tanking Membrane should be considered. Where an impervious grout joint is required Norcros Super Epoxy should be used.
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  • SKU 450350
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