Norcros Rock-Tite Mortar Additive 12.5kg

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£10.99 each
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  • Fibre-reinforced cement mortar additive bonds to both 100mm compacted Hardcore & Solid Concrete base, just add sharp sand 6:1 mixture & water, sets in 24 hours
  • Contains Norcros specially formulated Rock-Tite additives for improved performance, workability and Freeze / Thaw resistance
  • Recommended slope of 25mm for every 1.5 metres in length away from the building for water drainage
  • 1 x 12.5kg bag of Mortar Additive (6:1 mix) will cover approximately 2m² at 25mm thickness on 100mm compacted hardcore
  • Norcros Life Time System Guarantee *when used in conjunction with Rock-Tite Porcelain Primer and Brush in Grout
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