2mm Outdoor Slab Tile Levelling Spacer Bases XL - 100 per pack

£8.99 each
inc VAT

Ensure your tiling project is on the level with these Tile Levelling Spacer Clips XL, designed for use in conjunction with Tile Levelling Wedges to prevent lippage when installing 20mm thick outdoor slab tiles.

Key Features

Unevenly laid large format tiles are soon to be a thing of the past thanks to this handy Tile Levelling Spacer Clips XL designed for use with Tile Levelling Wedges & Tile Levelling Pliers (sold separately) to form the ultimate tile lippage prevention system. Simply place a Tile Levelling Spacer between the joint where two tiles meet, insert a Tile Levelling Wedge, then use the Tile Levelling Pliers to adjust the wedge and voila! You’ve now got perfectly fitted 20mm thick outdoor slab tiles.

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